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Sitars Articles

Picking The Right Words

IT'S a tough gig peddling acid-rock in Washington DC, America's spiritual home of disciplined hardcore. And stoner trio Dead Meadow know it too well - their dreamy psych-rock sound has made them musical misfits in their hometown.

Cd Reviews

various/amorphous androgynous A MONSTROUS PSYCHEDELIC BUBBLE (Platipus/Stomp) Garry Cobain is behind this magical two-CD mix for Platipus, a label normally releasing trance. Fittingly, it is trance-inducing to spend more than two hours in this exotic garden, where psych-rockers, folk-fairies and freaky funksters cohabit.

One Hump Or Two?

Andrew Bain gets a kick out of the world's largest gathering of camels.

Cd Machine Translations

WHO Machine Translations WHAT Seven Seven (Spunk!)

The Shepherd's Dog - Iron And Wine

The Shepherd's Dog Iron And Wine (Sub Pop/Stomp) 3/5